Appy Monkeys conducts workshops for institutes ,schools and companies on AR,VR,Game Design,Animation and 3D Printing.The colleges include National Institute of Design, Shristi, Manipal ,Chitkara and CDAC .These are India's top design and engineering colleges ,ranked globally.

In addition ,CDAC and the Indian Administrative Service also utilize our services for getting their staff trained in emerging technologies such as AR/VR and simulators.We specialize in getting our workshop users to actually build content in VR,AR and gaming ,a very hands on approach as opposed to theory or demos.

All workshops were conducted using our own hardware and software including AnimaToon, Claydo,Animation Sketch and Easy Sketch. The software offered by Appy Monkeys is used as a teaching tool worldwide with over 12 million downloads worldwide with special educational discounts for labs utilizing PC,Mac,Ipad or ChromeOS.All workshops are customized for a client's unique needs with resources being provided by us and hardware deployment onsite.

Basic workshops are also undertaken for 10-12 Standard using our own simple tools such as Sketch 3D,Stopmo Studio and Claydo.

Game Design NID, Bangalore

Virtual Reality, PICT, Pune

Game Art Production with Unreal Engine, Manipal University, Bangalore

Augmented Reality, Visualization & 3D Printing,Chitkara University, Punjab

Character Design, NID, Ahmedabad

Design Drawing, NID, Ahmedabad

3D Modelling and Visualization, SECMOL, Ladakh

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