• Blox 3D World Creator

Blox 3D World Creator lets user to create beautiful worlds with simple taps, from giant windmills to craggy castles and desert islands teeming with life.

Add animals, humans and birds which walk around and interact to watch your world come alive!

Control the lighting to change time of day or setting with night,day and water environments.

  • Lokko

    Pizza or Die

Lokko :Pizza or Die is a fast paced platformer in which Lokko, a pizza delivery boy has to race against time in order to deliver the hottest ,freshest pizzas in town.

Dodge evil monsters, dangerous spikes and terrifying moving platforms against beautiful backgrounds and with a cool time -rewind feature which lets you pick and choose the best strategy in order to defeat the clock!

  • Easy Sketch Pose

    Sketch in 2D and 3D

Easy Sketch Pose is a human posing and drawing all-in-one app designed for people who want to draw with good 3d reference for anatomy and perspective.

Import OBJ files and other static meshes in, pose the character and trace over it in 2D

Export out files as .PSD ,so users can preserve details in layers and making color separation easy

  • Anima Toon

    Animate 3D Voxel Characters

An extremely fast 3d animation and modeling program for iPad, MacOS and ChromeOS.

Made by an animator, for animators with a focus on lightning fast workflow and ease of use in creating and animating 3d voxel characters

Easily create and animate 3D Voxel characters on mobile and desktop. Model using the in-built voxel editor and then animate a 3d character with keyframes and inbetweens,using onion skin guides in order to pose your characters.

  • Animation Sketch

    2D Animation Creator

Animate your dreams and bring them to life!

An extremely fast hand-drawn animation app for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Animators will love the simplicity and ease of use which lets them quickly sketch out animations and beginners can focus on improving their drawing and timing using only black and white.

  • Animation Maker:Kids

    Draw and Create 2D Animations

Animation Maker Kids is an easy to use animation app for creating exciting animation sequences using drawings with fingers or with Apple Pencil.

This app has all the traditional tools such as paint palette, auto-save, onion skin, brush eraser and frame controls for duplicating, inserting and copy/paste.

You can make beautiful animations on your iPad in just a few steps and save out as an .MP4 to share with friends.

  • Stopmotion Animation Maker

    Let's Make Movies

Want to create movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube? Then this is the app you’ve got to add to your collection!

With it’s easy to use interface Stopmotion Animation Studio lets you create beautiful animated movies easily and intuitively.

Designed and used by animators, this app focuses on fast workflow and an easy to understand user interface.

  • Blox 3d City

    Create & Share Cities Simply

Blox 3D City lets you create fully functional cities and towns from busy metros to sleepy towns and rain-swept docks.

Create your own characters and populate your cities with hundreds of unique characters.

Add shops, garages, bridges and trees to fully populate your world with no limit on time or creativity.

Over 2 million different cities have been created and shared by kids worldwide since release.

  • Blox 3D Junior

Blox 3D Junior lets kids build and print 3D models in a simple and intuitive manner.

Create beautiful objects using tap to create and double tap to delete.

Export your creations to a printable file via email and 3D print them for amazing real world results!

  • Animate Me 3D

    Animate 3D Cartoons Easily

Move and Animate cartoon characters in 3D any way you want!

In this kid-friendly, super-creative kids app, you get to move and animate characters in real 3D space so you can explore narrative, character, plot, voice projection, expression and unleash your creative skills.

If you ever wanted to animate characters like they do in movies, then this app is for you.

Record your voice and use it as a guide to make your characters talk and emote.

  • Flipbook:Animate!

    Animate & Print Flipbooks Easy

Flipbook:Animate is an easy way for kids to create and share animation flipbooks and movies.

Draw,paint and animate easily in this app designed specifically for kids.

Create flipbooks and movies of cartoon characters,paintings or just doodle simple animations of shapes.

Each animated movie can be printed out physically and assembled by hand to make a flipbook.

  • Sketch 3D

    Model 3D Object Easily

Sketch 3D is a simple way for anyone to build their ideas in 3D.

Push ,pull and tap to create 3d models such as chairs and cars to more complex organic models like animals,birds and humans.

The models are saved out in .OBJ format which can then be 3D printed or edited in more advanced software such as Autodesk Maya,3ds max ,SketchUp,Blender etc.

  • Blox 3D

    Blocks Building For Kids

Blox 3D is a fun and easy way for kids to learn 3D modelling.

Create beautiful objects in a simple and intuitive manner using tap and double tap to delete.

Add animated objects like gears,propellers and wheels to make them come alive.

Blox 3D has been designed to develop children's creativity and visualization skills.

  • Draw 3D Junior:
    Learn Geometry

Draw 3D Junior teaches kids geometry by letting them create models in actual 3D space.

Learn simple geometry like triangles and expand your knowledge to complex 3D geometry such as pyramids, isocahedrons and tetrahedrons.

Guided views take you through step by step constructions of geometry.

  • Animate Me: Kids

    3D Animation For Kid's

Create 3D animations of cartoons in a simple and intuitive manner on your tablet or phone.

If you ever wondered how they bring characters to life in animation movies like Frozen or Toy Story, this app is for you.

Kids can learn to make 3D animations that showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities.

Animations can then be uploaded on YouTube to share with friends and family!

  • Anim8

    3D Character Animation Made Easy

Anim8 lets beginners and hobbyists learn 3D Character Animation in a fun and intuitive manner.

Animate 3D characters by posing 5 existing characters in 3D space with a simple interface and easy workflow,unlike complex and high-end softwares such as Maya or 3DS Max.

Designed by professional character animators to give absolute beginners and hobbyists a plug-n-play tool to animate characters and hone their animation skills.



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